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11 Reasons To Collect Fine Art

1. Each work of art is original and one of a kind

Each painting is a moment in time – a feeling, a thought, a hope, a dream; a treasure of an experience that I had once and will never have again. No two people have the same experience in a work of art. When I hand the painting over to you, it becomes yours. You begin creating your own moments within it – your hopes and dreams and thoughts and feelings. I start the piece, but you are the one who completes


2. I use only the highest quality materials

I use only the highest caliber of canvas, paint and mixed media materials in all of my original works. All of my giclées are generated from high resolution digital images and printed on museum quality canvas material with high quality archival inks and protectant spray coating to prevent scratches and other damage. They are available on canvas wrap, stretched canvas, or 100% cotton rag archival watercolor paper. Canvas wrap is a low-cost alternative to traditional framing which allows you to decide if you want a frame for the piece or not. Each original/giclée is hand signed, with a certificate of authenticity.


3. Buy directly from the artist

When you buy a piece of art from a gallery, you usually only interact with the receptionist and sales staff, or maybe the owner. You never get the chance to meet the artist, to inquire about your favorite pieces or ask what their process was in creating it. You don’t get to find out their story, save for a brochure that the gallery hands out. But when you buy art directly from me, I make myself available to you! Not only do you get to learn all about the piece you’re purchasing, you can ask questions and get to know me. Think how cool it will be to tell your friends that you’re not just a collector, but you have met the artist personally!


4. Save money by going direct

Not only do you get to know the artist when you buy direct, you also save money – meaning you get more value for what you spend. There are no galleries or agents marking up the price so they can take an exorbitant commission off the top. My prices are based on the size of the piece, its complexity, the materials that I use, and how much time it takes me to research and paint. The price hasn’t been inflated each time it changes hands until it reaches you. So you save money in the long run and get personalized service directly from the artist – you really can’t beat that!


5. You are investing not only in the art, but the artist

Art is such an integral part of life today – we can’t turn on our computers or phones or even step outside without hearing a beautiful song or seeing beautiful photographs. We are surrounded by paintings on our walls and colorful fashions on our clothing and an array of enjoyable sensory experiences. Each creator of these works has contributed directly to making your world more beautiful. Think about it: we don’t hesitate to spend money on food and clothing and those people that help to improve our lives. Why wouldn’t you want to invest in someone who has touched your heart and sparked your imagination?


6. My work is constantly evolving

Not only does this mean that there is something for everyone in my works – be it figurative, animal, portrait, landscape, nature, abstract, or a mixture of the above – but it means that my work moves through different phases. I believe in constantly improving – and that means not only practicing what I know, but constantly experimenting and delving into new arenas. If you like a particular genre of my work, now is the time to buy the original – I might never create something like that again!


7. Recession? What recession? My business is growing … be a part of it!

Froshay Fine Art has grown so much in the last several years and is more widely appreciated than ever before. Come share in my success.


8. The value of my work continues to go up

As my business continues to grow, the value of my art continues to go up as well. That value will only continue to appreciate over time – this means that any pieces you purchase will become heirlooms for you to pass down to your children and grandchildren.


9. If you aren’t satisfied I will give you your money back

I offer you the opportunity to try out a piece when you buy it. You have up to 30 days to change your mind about the piece. If you are not satisfied, you will be refunded the whole price in exchange for the painting returned in the exact same condition it was purchased in. How many artists and agents can you say that about?


10. Art has been scientifically proven to help you to live a longer and healthier life

In a study where human guinea pigs were hooked up to a brain scanner and shown 30 different works by world-renowned artists, they found that when the viewer looked at a piece of art that they really enjoyed, blood flow increased to the brain by 10 percent (the same as looking at a loved one!) The increase in blood flow was directly related to how much the viewer enjoyed the piece. When they were shown works that the viewer thought was ugly, often times either little or no blood flow increased to the brain. Even though it may seem obvious that looking at something beautiful will make you feel good, the scientific study proved that it affects our brain even more than we previously thought. Hanging a piece of art on your wall that you love does more than just make you feel good every day (as if that benefit wasn’t enough!) If it can cause increased blood flow to your brain that helps you to think more clearly and have healthier cognitive function, then it can also improve your overall health.


11. You love beauty and want to feel the magic

You love surrounding yourself with beautiful things while fulfilling and expressing your own creative self with your collection. Owning a Froshay allows you to step into this world of magic.

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