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Marc Garrison

Original Art for Everyday Life


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Marc Garrison Art

Transform your space with high quality art.

Our original and digital pieces bring creativity and inspiration to your environment.

About the Artist

I've always been drawn to making art, whether digital or traditional. As a kid, I got hooked on early computer drawing and digital painting programs. Then I got really into abstract photography. But when I went back to Wayne State to get my BFA in painting and printmaking, I fell in love with brushes and real paint.


These days, I'm kind of caught between the digital and natural worlds - but with some fabulous results, if I do say so myself! I make abstract paintings and drawings using acrylic paint, ink, and all sorts of collage materials on wood surfaces. A lot of my works on paper start as a digital print, which I then take in unique directions by adding layers of media and texture.


I just love experimenting and pushing the boundaries of different materials. Blurring the lines between digital and analog art is my passion. I hope you enjoy the artwork.

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