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How to Fill Your Home With Abstract Art

Updated: 2 days ago

You don’t have to have a creative director in your job title to curate a space full of eye-catching abstract art. In fact, it’s best not to overthink it when it comes to the visual language that has no rules. Yet, it can feel overwhelming to delve in, especially when price tags can vary into the thousands

Pick your planet is a black and white digital reproduction

The best place to start is by getting comfortable with the fact that your art and your décor don’t have to coordinate to a T, in fact, it is visually to your benefit if your art stands out. No matter what your personal style, your abstract work of choice will make a statement, as in many ways it was created to do just that.

A black and white collage reproduction

Don’t let the Matisses’, and Picassos’ scare you. Not all abstract art has to be abundant with shape and color. An easy way to integrate this mode of craft into your home is to opt for the minimal, such as a neutral canvas. Artists who focus more on simple graphics can be a good place to start. In this way, you can deliver that level of sophistication without over-stimulating the eye. 

If your home has a few accent colors, a great way to tie them into each other is by finding a work of abstract art that carries many of the same tones. Say you’ve gone for millennial pink details—mounting a canvas with many of the same hues will make the room feel polished and well-considered.

To prevent a room from looking too busy, designate one wall in your room to art. This way you’re not weighing down your living-area by attempting too much or distracting the eye with too many places to look. 

I hope you have enjoyed this article on filling your home with abstract art.

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