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"Exploring the Impact of One of My Favorite Artists"

Brice Marden

Brice Marden is best known for gestural abstraction which means paint is spontaneously dribbled, splashed or smeared onto the canvas rather than carefully applied. Marden's inspiration was Japanese calligraphy and Chinese poetry. The artist admired calligraphy as abstract art.

However abstract Marden's paintings are, it's soul derives from specific sources unique to the artists personal experiences.

" I like to define a painting in spiritual terms. painting is about getting toward something I don't know about. The way I get there is visual.

Marden sees every stroke, every line as crucial. The painting talks to you, you talk to the painting and it emerges. By trying to truly express yourself and your response to the world,

you create true expression.

Here are some etchings that Marden created called the Cold Mountain Paintings.

These images were done around 1985.

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